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HDVgraphics - Graphic Design | Branding Development For Your Company - South Florida

Branding Development

A brand, is how people or the public see you. This is a "name, term, sign, symbol, or a combination of intended to identify or differentiate you from others. This difference is where your marketing strategy positions your company to become the only solution to a problem or the only provider to fill a need.

Some objectives that a brand will achieve include:

  • Establishes loyalty
  • Public recognition
  • Credibility
  • Delivers a clear message
  • Emotional connection
  • Evokes buying

Understanding the needs and wants of your customers is the first key to succeeds in branding. Strategically positioning your brand at every point of public contact is an important step. Customers sum up their experiences through your company's brand. You can influence them, create emotions in them, and produce sales from them. The power of a brand is invaluable as customers are becoming more and more bombarded with media from all directions. You cannot just stand out – you must be proactive in the fight to maintain your costumers or clients while creating new ones.

The Key West Express – Miami is just one example of branding that I worked on and developed. Everything was designed with their "Miami brand image" in mind, and brand awareness was significantly increased during this campaign.

The link to the right will allow you to explore some of the branding elements we did for Key West Express.

kwe Design
The Key West Express