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HDVgraphics - Graphic Design | Logo Design and Logo Brand Identity
Dextelle International Logo Design
Dextelle International
Compass Logo Design
Compass Advisors
TKA Logo Design
The King's Academy
Elite Logo Design
Elite Equine
Swan Health Care Logo Design
Key West Express
Tricony Logo Design
LaMere Logo Design
Miles2Go Logo Design
PBSP Logo DesignI
Odell Logo Design
WMSI Logo Design
Bookdabbler Logo Design
Style Logo Design
Tornado Logo Design
Enterte Logo Designk
NAYS Logo Design
CM Hadfields Logo Design
CM Hadfields
Sports Interiors Logo Design
Sports Interiors

The cropped thumbnails to the right are just a small sample of logos that I have developed. A few are concept ideas, but most are final artwork that the client used or are still in use today. Please click on any of thumbnails to see the full-size logo and description.

A logotype, or "logo," often represents a brand or corporation, and that identity puts a “face,” or a "what-we-do" label on your organization. It can directly communicate a message, promote brand recognition, and give your company or brand the ability to stand apart from all the others.

A logo should not be too complex. "Keep It Simple, Stupid," or KISS, is a good place to start. Easy-to-read lettering, colors, graphical elements, and a good layout are all it takes to stand out, and allow customers the chance to notice and remember you.

Communicating a clear message about your company, organization or product is a key element to successful branding. When the public recognizes your brand, they will also recognize your message and relate products or services that fill their needs and wants.