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HDVgraphics - Graphic Design | Web Site Development

Evaluating your online presence these days is easy... you must have one. But keeping up with internet trends is no easy task. Going online to research a product or event is how much of the world is now shopping and becoming informed. That is why we recommend a bi-yearly review of your site's needs. From updating photography and adding new descriptions to posting self written web articles that helps with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), are all things that keep your site fresh and having new and repeat traffic.

No Need For New
If your site needs updating, but you like the look and feel of your site, we can add updates while keeping as much of the branding you have already established. This may include adding new pages and updating content or taking your HTML site to the next level, going Dynamic.

Dynamic Development
Our sites are coded in HTML, PHP and mySQL. Having a dynamic web site gives you greater flexibility and ability to grow your site more rapidly. A dynamic web site is able to give each user a unique experience when visiting your site. This might be as simple as a custom welcome message after logging in to anticipating a refill on their next order.

Time For A New
All sites the we design and build are custom. We do not use templates plain and simple. It goes against what branding is all about. You need to stand out and be recognized, not have the same web site as the guy next door and only difference being a logo change. Projects consists of a web site being developed from scratch, meaning we will design a site based on your needs, specifications and budget. We have also paired up with NE8 to offer a Content Management and eCommerce solutions in a leasable format for those clients that are on the strictest of budgets and don't mind putting in the extra effort of building out their own content through an online editor.